Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Artist

Good Wednesday morning to you friends!
You are half way through your work week ( well most of you anyways) - How awesome is that?
I have had a very busy work load these past couple of weeks. Taking over 2  people's duties at work on top of my own makes for one nutty chica. I will be thankful when my co-workers return from their nice 2 week vacation on the beach and my load gets much lighter. 

I should be jumping in the shower right about now... but I just had to share with you a new artist whom I discovered on Pandora this morning. My station is usually stuck on Bon Iver (by choice), and I can pretty much sing every song word for word (not that you would want to hear that) but when this unusual voice popped up I had to take a gander and find out who it was so I could switch to his station (no hard feelings Bon I but we're going to have to take a break. It's me, not you. I swear.)
As most of you know, I have a deep love and appreciation for good music. I sometimes contemplate canceling my cable (don't ever get Comcast) because I would rather spend time sitting at my computer listening to true tunes all day than sit in from of an idiot box. I pretty much keep it for the soul purpose of listening to the music stations :) - and I do like to catch a free movie once in awhile.

Okay you're ready for the song... I get it. 
Artist Name: Ben Howard
There you have it! If any of you find him just as great as I did, I would love to hear! 

P.S. Here is a picture of Charlie I posted on my IG last night. This man has mad hops just like his momma. Caught in mid air trying to grab something off of my dresser. Naughty boy, but I was pretty impressed with his skills I must say.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I discovered Ben Howard earlier this summer! LOVE HIM. I'm actually listening to him right this minute.

  2. I'm sorry I just now noticed your comment Samantha! Isn't he great? Any other good song suggestions by him? Thanks for your comment!