Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jcrew Necklace, Beauty Secrets,Pesto, and Quote of the Day

It has arrived!!
 {cheese'n with excitement}

The one and only, highly anticipated.... JCrew Bubble Necklace.
I came home from work yesterday and saw the package waiting for me in my mailbox. My impatient nature couldn't resist busting open the box and trying it on even before I stepped foot inside my house. 
Also, my sweet 83 year old Grandmother is an avid reader of my blog and saw my post about this necklace and placed a pair of earrings in the mail that she thinks will go great with it! Yay! More to look forward to. Thanks in advance Gram.

On that note, I had such a great day yesterday if anyone cares to know. I'm not sure what made it so great other than the fact that I found out Sephora is now open inside our mall {about time}...
I caught up with a couple old friends...
and had a productive day at work.

NOW. Switching topics.
FIRST. Beauty secrets.
1. Over the years I have been collecting a plethora of vases.
Some are so ugly that I should just throw them out... or give to Goodwill, but I just can't! I always seem to hang on to them. You know, just in case mr. prince charming someone sends me a bouquet of flowers? {actually, on that note.. i'm not one for flowers, really. They die fast and never match the decor in my house- unless they are now I really don't know why I keep them.} 

Point is... I decided to clean out the dust from an old vase I had lying around and fill it with rice to be used as a make up brush holder. This makes it so much easier to grab and keep clean when I need to use one. 

2. Love my OPI polish  called "Panda-Monium Pink" 
It is just the right amount of pink with a hint of purple. Pretty for spring or summer! Also, I have to admit that I finally started taking my moms advice when she tells me that polish will look better if I stay PATIENT {ha} and wait for each coat of polish to dry completely before putting on another. Looks great!

 Remember that basil plant I talked about in a previous post?
Well that bad boy ain't givin' up! She (oh wait, I just said it was a boy) is still in full bloom. Providing me with plenty of basil for all different kinds of recipe's. 
I plucked a few leaves and made a delicious pesto sauce from THIS recipe. 

I want to leave you with this quote I found the other day. It makes me happy.
Have a great Thursday.

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